Welcome to MyDjSongBook! This is your portal to find local DJs and Karaoke hosts. From here, participating DJs and KJs can be found in your area. You can use this app to search each DJ's music library, make song requests, and more!

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This service links Customers to DJs and Karaoke Hosts. It allows guests to search for songs, music and Karaoke, and send in song requests to the DJ or KJ. Patrons can send a "selfie" to use as a Profile Picture on the DJ's Karaoke Screen.

This allows the DJ who subscribes to this service to quickly play your songs, and leaves you free to make requests without getting up from your bar stool or table!

DJs have different subscription plans to choose from, all to provide the customer with an ad-free experience on their mobile phone or other mobile web-browser enabled device.

No more digging through Karaoke books, writing down requests on a slip of paper, or wondering when you will be called up to sing.

Bookmark this page, and wherever you go, ask your DJ why they aren't on My DJ Song Book!!! Text them a link to mydjsb.com or MyDjSongBook.com, and let them see for themselves how much easier life can be for the busy DJ or KJ!

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