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With the MyDjSongBook.com web app, coupled with Virtual DJ Studio for the PC, your customers can search your music database, make requests, and even upload their own profile picture for Karaoke if you like.

No ads will show within the app anywhere.

NOTE that Virtual DJ Studio version 8.2.2 or higher is REQUIRED. If you are on any 8.x version the upgrade is free.

If you are using 7.x and made your purchase more than 12 months ago, you will have to Purchase Virtual DJ Studio 8.x.

Version 7.x or lower WILL NOT WORK

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Since this is a web-based app, there is nothing for the customer to download or install. All that is needed is any HTML5-compliant web browser on any platform or device. See the video, targetted at DJ customers, to see how easy it is for the customer.

There are many options you can customize, and you can easily show your customers where you are, where you will be, and link to your other online profiles directly from the web app.

Upon subscribing, you will receive a unique:


web address that can be accessed directly, or by your customers snapping the QR code on your Karaoke screen.

You can also use our short-form URL:


that immediately redirects to the full Secure URL. This saves six key-strokes, very important with mobile devices.

Since your URL will not change, you can even print the QR code and/or web address -- short or long form -- right on your songbooks, business cards, fliers, ads - the possibilities are endless!

Just type jman.mydjsb.com into your mobile device browser to see how easy your customers can access your full, secure DJ app!

Your web address is fully secured with SSL as soon as it is activated, so you and your customers can feel safe when entering information, even on a non-secure connection such as an open WiFi.

Plans and Pricing

Monthly Plan: $4.99 Per Month

With the Basic plan, you and your customers will have full access to the app 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You get a custom URL (described above), and can upload your music catalog up to once every 12 hours. *

Yearly Plan: $49.88 Per Year
Best Value!

You can save $10 by choosing the Yearly option, at $49.88 Per Year. This is the best option because after the introductory period, the monthly price may go up.

This gives you a full year of service, and saves you $10 over the monthly price.

* The upload limit is to avoid excessive server load. After indexing your music with VDJ, you are permitted to upload your new index once in any 12-hour period. However, if you make a mistake you can simply email Support@VDJ.Net and request that we reset so that you can upload your index again.

If your upload is interrupted or fails to process for any reason, this does not count against your upload limit.

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